Why Does Warzone Keep Kicking Players From Lobbies

That would be another reason because of which you might not able to play it on Steam. You can also try to solve it doing some settings change within the game’s settings. Try to disable VSync, anti-aliasing and filtering and also multi-sampling which would make the settings lower. It could be possible that your computer system isn’t good enough to bare all those high or ultra settings. If you are one of those people with outdated graphic card drivers, I would suggest updating your drivers. Also try to update your motherboard drivers from your motherboards manufactures official website. No Reload seems to make my game freeze/crash after a few minutes when i shoot, happen to me very often but only after a while.

We will try to enable the module again and check if this solves the issue for us. This error is quite common and occurs on newly installed games as well. We will look at the most effective solutions out there and try solving the problem without much hassle.

Fix: Failed To Initialize Direct3d

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